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About Allergies

Did you know – almost 20% of Australians have at least one allergic disease.

About Allergies

What is an Allergy and how does it affect us?

An allergy is the body’s hypersensitivity to contact with allergen, i.e. a substance which causes pathological reaction of the immune system. It may manifest as a food allergy, airborne allergy or contact allergy. Each allergy reaction may result in specific symptoms, such as hay fever, watery eyes or even anaphylactic shock in severe cases. Some allergic diseases may be hereditary and their occurrence is determined by specific groups of genes. But in fact – we do not inherit the allergy itself, but a tendency to become susceptible to an allergen.


Airborne Allergens

Airborne allergy is the most common allergy throughout the world. The environment around us is full of allergenic substances. Contact with them may result in burdensome symptoms for the respiratory tract. The group of allergens which most frequently cause airborne allergy consists of:

House Dust Mites

House dust mites are microscopic organisms which feed on exfoliated human and animal epidermis and microorganisms.


When pollen interacts with rhinitis or pharyngeal mucosa, it may cause multi-organ ailments of eyes, skin, mouth or throat.


The main source of pet allergens are proteins from pets’ saliva, skin and urine. Pets’ hair very rarely causes an allergic reaction.

Fungal Spores

Parts of fungi, such as fungal spores or the elements of mycete can cause allergic ailments and the development of allergic disease.

Main Causes of Allergies
Most allergens come from household dust!

Household dust is the most common factor causing allergic reactions. It contains nearly all allergens present in the home, such as allergens of pets, moulds and plant pollen.

Where does household dust accumulate?

It is recommended to spray areas in your home where there is the highest levels of household dust allergens – in particular mattresses, beds and other places where people sleep, quilts and pillows, upholstered furniture, carpets, rugs and curtains, and plush toys.

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Skin Conditions

About Dermatosis

Dermatosis is a range of skin conditions, the cause of which are very diverse, dermatosis can be genetically determined or acquired through environmental factors.

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